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The Lady TENS is so simple to use. Everything is pre-set except for the intensity, which is controlled by just one dial. At the onset of a contraction, simply press the booster button for that extra surge of pain combatting power.

The £22.95 cost covers 30 days hire and includes free delivery within the UK. Units are dispatched 3 weeks before your due date. Allow 1-5 working days for delivery. If ordering within the 3 weeks it is advisable to use special delivery.

"The Lady TENS was brilliant and so easy to use. It enabled me to have the natural birth I was hoping for. Our son Luke William was born on October 2nd, after I used the Lady TENS for approximately 12 hours." Ms. E.R. Berks


• Baby care units are not suitable for those using a demand type pacemaker
• If you have epilepsy or heart disease please seak medical advice before use
• Baby care TENS units should not be used before 37 weeks of pregnancy unless under
medical supervision
• If you suffer from any undiagnosed pain, please seak medical advice before use.

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